English Independent Artist

Hello I’m Sarah, I’m an artist based in the north of England. Here you can find my work, inspiration & life as an independent artist! Specialising in abstract, illustration & northern art.

About Me

Born into a family of clinitions it seemed only natural to follow that path… but the quiet love of art and design exploded into a passion and a dream. As an artist you really can’t escape that desire! 

Naturally following this path, in the early years I focussed more on design and fashion before returning to fine art. Hoping to create not only commission pieces but interior led art to set a room alive. 



Life through abstract art - a series of acrylic paintings in recent themes. ‘Challenging love through changing times’.


‘Raw and close-up’.

Northern Art

The landscape Vs surrealism. Inspired by derelict architecture and the depth of silence captured in a new light. A series of oil paintings.

Contact me

For further enquiries, please use the form for any details on commissioned art, mainstream stockists, galleries and shows.