Freelance Artist Based In Lancashire

Sarah, a British freelance artist hailing from Northern England, invites you to a world where creativity knows no bounds. Specializing in geometric abstraction, people drawings, and abstract landscapes, her work is a captivating fusion of inspiration drawn from Picasso, cherished moments with family and friends, and her own unique vision.

She works primarily through the mediums of acrylic painting & charcoal drawings. Sarah’s website serves as a digital canvas, an enchanting realm where her art comes to life for all to behold. Explore her portfolio, each piece a testament to her boundless imagination, and discover the essence of her distinctive style.

Immerse yourself in a journey where artistry finds its purest expression, and if you’re inspired, get in touch with Sarah to discuss selective art commissions—your vision, her touch.

About Sarah

Sarah’s journey began in a family steeped in the world of clinicians, where the path seemed preordained. However, a quiet love for art and design soon ignited into an all-consuming passion and an unyielding dream. For an artist, that burning desire is an undeniable force that cannot be ignored.

In the early years, Sarah directed her creative energy toward design and fashion, charting a course that would ultimately lead her back to the realm of fine art. Her aspiration extended beyond mere commission pieces; she yearned to craft interior-focused art that would breathe life into spaces and awaken the very essence of a room.

Geometric Abstraction

A series of geometric acrylic paintings in recent geometric abstract styled themes.

People Drawings

A series of raw un-edited and real life charcoal based people drawings.

Abstract Landscapes

Abstract landscape art inspired by derelict architecture and the depth of silence captured in a new light.

Contact me

Wanting to work with me? For details on commissioned art, mainstream stockists, galleries and shows or general enquiries; please get in touch!